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The Autumns | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Autumns

(Saturnine Anvil/Pseudopod)
by Wa

The Autumns slide into the ear smoothly as a collection of silky smooth and bittersweet pop sounds that seem reminiscent of a delicate mix of St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band-era Beatles and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys with bits of glam-era David Bowie song arrangements. This dreamlike wonder is occasionally interrupted by bursts of strumming acoustic guitars and exquisite finger-picked electric guitars that explore a vast underworld of structure and dynamics beneath a bubbling concoction of soaring vocals. Songs like "Desole," "The Moon Softly Weeps a Lullaby," and "Flier in the Eyes of the Queen" approach a hymn-like quality that is as much inspiring as unforgettable.

The Autumns are great at building tension and tying songs together melodically. The result is that songs become organic movements of a much larger overture in the tradition of the past "album" rock glory. The best example of this effort is the succession of building moments beginning in "Slumberdoll" flowing into "Edmond & Edward," and concluding with "Wish Stars."

This self-titled third album is a great example of thoughtful songwriting, masterful tone, and perfect pacing. The Autumns should be perfect for fans of Brundlefly, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Elliot Smith, and Drop the Fear.


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