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Shame Lady | The Winter Days Were Nights | review | metal | Lollipop

Shame Lady

The Winter Days Were Nights (Rotten)
By Craig Regala

There is a sublime undercast feeling here, like atmospheric black metal, Meshuggah (when they reflect instead of double up), or Mastodon, pulled from the concerns of this world into that of a blood-covered angel, slowly arcing and circling down to Earth. This is sublimely beautiful music, the meeting of Today is The Day, Charger, and mid-period Neurosis honed and filed into a singular careening metal capable of playing one of those "Sounds of the Underground" events, sticking out, and being cool.

Sometimes the drummer sounds kinda lost, but I think that's more recording than playing. The acid/metal/prog lineage keeps current as long as bands like Shame Lady keep twisting/intensifying and exploding the music. Like the interior battle of a grindcore childhood trapped under ice, fighting for second air from the spawn of Jesus Lizard and Voivod, while saved from drowning up in Gothenburg. Compositions are there, chops are there, you should be there, ya know?


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