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Negator | Old Black | review | metal | Lollipop


Old Black (Magick)
By Ari M. Joffe

Pretty brutal stuff! I'm not the biggest black metal fan in the world, but this ain't half bad. Grinding blast beats, melodic guitar riffs, screeching vocals, and tons of Gothic flare. The title really says it all – Old Black – meaning tried and true, no extra bullshit added, black metal.

This is the type of stuff I think the army plays on a continuous loop when they wanna lure some Middle Eastern terrorist out of his compound. And I mean that as a compliment, cuz by the nature of the genre, this is supposed to scare the uninitiated. Negator's aural assault will, undoubtedly, please fans of this sick, Satanic genre, and completely freak out your average modern corporate rock fan. Well done fellas, well done. We need more of this stuff in this day and age when a lot of people's idea of "heavy" music is Slipknot.


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