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My Sixth Shadow | Love Fading Innocence | review | rock | Lollipop

My Sixth Shadow

Love Fading Innocence (Watch Me Fall)
By Wa

My Sixth Shadow is really a throwback to the supergroups of the past. Like Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and Cream, the core members are a who's who of the Italian Goth, rock, and metal scene. Topping the list is the ever-present multi-tasking engineer, producer, guitarist, bassist, synth performer and pianist, Victor Love, whom many in the European Union and more than a few of us in North America know as the frontman of Dope Stars, Inc.

Frontman Dave's performance sounds much of the time like a cross between Michael Ormando (of The Dragonflies) and Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode) in a pocket formed by a roar of prog rock (in the vein of Floater), Goth rock (in the artery of Cradle of Filth), and wrapped in the skin of '80s metal.

Song subjects include explorations of the down-hearted, the desperate, and the confused. Often, we don't know whether to root for him (on the strongest track, "So Far"), pity him (in "Crushed"), or just kick him in the cojones as hard as we can (in "Forever"). My Sixth Shadow show hints of their potential on the incredible Tool-like outro of "Useless," the poignant piano outro of "Invite the Poison," and the Goth rock version of U2's "With or Without You." If you're looking for a midnight snack, or to be cleansed by red rain beneath a moonlit sky, My Sixth Shadow is for you.


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