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Hiretsukan | End States | review | metal | Lollipop


End States (G7 Welcoming Committee)
By Tim Den

Reasons why Hiretsukan are better than all of your current favorite metalcore bands: 1) their vocalist – a female – exerts more emotion and tangible horror than all of your tight black jeans-wearing, relationship-cryin', vintage tee-sportin', make-up whorin' pussy frontmen put together; 2) their music actually melds melody and brutality, unlike others who merely fumble and fall; 3) End States was recorded by Don Fury, bitches! If you want gloss and triggered drums, go hunt down Ferret or Trustkill releases. This is organic, street-level hardcore played with finesse, not to mention an ear for detailed chord structures. Abrasive? Sure. But so are Coalesce and Fugazi, both units of unrelenting power and beauty. Add Hiretsukan to the club, you won't be disappointed.


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