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Gwar | Live From Mt. Fuji | review | metal | Lollipop


Live From Mt. Fuji (DRT)
By Scott Hefflon

First ever live Gwar CD. It's exactly what you expect from Gwar. DRT sent an advance and never followed up with the real thing. It's exactly what what you expect from DRT. Live From Mt. Fuji contains twelve raging songs, and plenty of between-song banter that's probably funny live, but sounds stupid in your living room. That they can still play this fast, this tight, with those goofy customs on, is amazing. I've seen 'em a bunch of times, since the late '80s, and I bought a couple of the early records and still have 'em. You can join in at any time, get the new CD, see the new tour, and it's as good as it ever was. S.O.D. was probably funnier, but was far shorter lived and should've never done a follow up. Gwar is consistent: Fans come in, laugh, get the joke, and move on. No need to really get every CD, unless you wanna know all the words to the new batch of songs, which are pretty much the same as every other batch over the last two decades. I'm sure I'll catch another handfulla live shows in the next few years, cuz even if I don't know the new songs (like it's difficult to get the gist), a Gwar show is like nothing else in the world.


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