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Girls Under Glass | Zyklus | review | electro | Lollipop

Girls Under Glass

Zyklus (Metropolis)
By Wa

Zyklus is Girls Under Glass's tenth release and first for Metropolis Records. Zyklus continues to show the remarkable ability of Metropolis Records for snagging great electronic artists from other labels. This year alone they've released VNV Nation, Juno Reactor, Girls Under Glass, and Assemblage 23, all of whom were on different labels this time last year.

Keeping with tradition, half of the song lyrics on Zyklus are performed in English and half in German. "Zyklus" is the German word for "Cycles." As such, every song on Zyklus examines the wide variety of human relationships and life cycles of the human experience, including desire, passion, love, pain, mourning, death, and rebirth.

Volker Zacharias, Hauke Harms, and Axel Ermes meld metal, electro-trance, synth pop, electronica, and industrial to explore diverse combinations of alternative music. The diversity of genres keeps things remarkably interesting, even during the German-laden lyrics. While you may not understand the words, you can clearly understand the mood and intent from the skillful craftmanship of the interwoven melodies and harmonies. Songs are firmly entrenched in a songwriting style that evokes a clear story and message.

Strong songs include the Pink Floyd-esque "Deliverance," the destined-to-be-a-pop-hit "Whatever Makes You Happy," the effusive "Love Is in my World," the Rammstein anthemic "Feuerengel (Fire Angel)," the '80's synth pop of "Wonderworld," and the Goth rock of "In the Darkness" (featuring the incredible backing vocals of Jenny Kahler).


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