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The Crucifier | review | dvd | Lollipop

The Crucifier

(Bill Zebub Productions)
By Ari M. Joffe

Z-movie king Bill Zebub plops out another no budget shock flick, this one centering around an LSD party gone wrong. All Zebub's regulars are back (probably cuz he can't convince any real actors to appear in his turkeys), including Rocco Martone, who plays a psychotic young man whose bad acid trip causes him to kill his best friend and keep his girlfriend hostage as he battles his dementia.

The voices in Martone's head tell him that he is Jesus reincarnated, sent back to Earth to write a new gospel for all mankind to follow, since the old one was corrupted by the Devil. In between the scenes of Martone freaking out in an attic full of candles and arguing with the voices in his head, he molests his girlfriend and has truly disturbing visions of various half-naked women being tied up to a cross in some desolate wooded area. The weird Goth soundtrack by Cophnia works well with the flick's tripped-out religious imagery, making the whole affair that much darker.

As Zebub films go, this one's sort of watchable, to a point. There's actually a plot that goes from point A to B, and so on. Unfortunately, he tries to pull off a Sixth Sense style twist at the end, which totally falls flat. But other than that, The Crucifier works as a disturbing little midnight movie to get stoned to.


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