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Pulley | Beyond Warped Live Music Series | review | dvd | Lollipop


Beyond Warped Live Music Series (Immergent)
by Tim Den

Immergent's Beyond Warped Live Music Series has been chronicling some of the lesser-known bands on the tour via high definition, 5.1 surround sound DVDs such as this one. Pulley are one of the bigger names featured, but for some reason, only seven songs make the cut. Strange. The band, of course, are tight as hell, but the transitions between songs are sometimes sloppy and poorly edited. When the last song, "Cashed In," ends, it does so abruptly, and before the band's last note rings out. One has to wonder who edited this thing. Not to mention, "Gone" is mistakenly listed as "What Will They Do."

Three audio-only bonus tracks and some random backstage footage are thrown in as extras, but still, this installment is pretty thin. With a number of full-lengths behind them, and a touring schedule that's not as hectic as some (originally due to vocalist Scott Radinsky's career as a major league baseball pitcher), Pulley fans deserve more of the live action than what's presented here.


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