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Himsa | Youve Seen Too Much | review | dvd | Lollipop


You've Seen Too Much (Prosthetic)
by Craig Regala

Shot at the end of the 14 month "Courting Tragedy and Disaster" tour on their home turf (in Seattle at Graceland), the guys bust out a 50+ minute set with plenty of harmony guitar parts growl/howl and machine gun drumming. Weened at the twin nips of real '80s metal - San Francisco thrash, NY crossover - and raised through the hardcore gladiator school, Himsa heaves up a dose of fully articulated metalcore. The crowd totally buckass wild into it, the band cut up the show with some on tour/on the street goofin', and you catch full and uncut videos for "Rain to the Sound of Panic" and "A Girl in Glass." If you dig these guys or maybe wonder about the general "genre," you could do worse than convincing one of your friends to pick it up and, uh, "borrow" it.

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