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Chixdiggit | Pink Razors | review | punk | Lollipop


Pink Razors (Fat)
by Sarah Katz

I'm always a bit skeptical when a band has flipping fantastic artwork on their album. It worries me that they spent more time on the cover art than their music. But good ol' Chixdiggit! proved me wrong again! It's that same ol' pop punk sound, with the same three chords haunting the entire album. It's mindless to listen to, fun to dance around to (especially "You're Pretty Good"), and although it's super cheesy, I love it. Or, shall I say, I loved it until... (cue dramatic music) they have to go and put tracks 14 and 15 on there. 14 is blank, and 15 is the whole album all over again with commentary from the band. Oh paleeeeez, like we care about your sensitive feelings or that girl from the mall who inspired you. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Save the commentary for your official biography or something, I actually tried listening to it, and boy, did I have fun counting how many, like's, ummm's and well's there were.


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