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Dont Be Scared | 2 | review | punk | compilation | Lollipop

Don't Be Scared 2

by Emily Joyce

This is a collection of hyped modern pop punk bands all with practically the same sound - Junction 18, Glasseater, and Dynamite Boy. The songs are sing-songy radio hits with little variation, providing quick riffs and fast-paced beats. The songs come mostly from various Fearless releases, with two unreleased tracks. Nothing much really to push this compilation as a must-have. Fearless promotes it's upcoming bands: Knockout, Rock Kills Kid, and Brazil, while maintaining Big Wig as it's biggest and best sounding. Rock Kills Kid enhances the CD with a harmonizing, innocent voice and dreamy back up vocals. BigWig, who has perfected their power pop punk sound, is the definite stand-out. Their track, "Sink or Swim," provides the over-the-top energy and depth in the vocals and guitar riffs that the others.
(13772 Goldenwest Ave. #545 Westminster, CA 92683)


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