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By Scott Hefflon is one of my favorite flash video sites. If you're a fan of the "Frog in a Blender" series at (I like the "Superfly" cartoons: "Wazzup!") or the "Napster Bad" videos at, check out's rock videos like "Weee!" for a transition from a kid on a wheelchair going real fast ("and I was like Weeee!") to the chorus "gonads and strife," all with a squirrel dancing in the corner of the screen. Another fave is "Hypothermia," the haunting tale of Jimmy, who's been in the pool for too long. The words scroll along the bottom of the screen as a robot flashes his green eyes at you. But there's dumb stuff here too. No gasoline-powered turtleneck sweater, but there's a song about a fish captured by an octopus and how much he doesn't like the situation, there's one where a snail just crawls across the ground (an earlier version of the site had the snail crawling while you decided what to check out next, an annoying "er-ee, er-ee, er-ee" sound like wet fingers on glass speeding up your selection), the story of Apple Nipple Monkey, the opera singer who sings "Apples and Pie" and a rapping caterpillar. Uh-huh. There's funny stuff here that'll have you laughing at the absolute randomness of it all, but other stuff that's an absolute waste of time. But where else can you get dancing squirrels? Weeee!

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