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By Scott Hefflon

Short'n'sweet, unlike the incessant yammering of their "victims" (hey, it's just payback for being so annoying and rude, shitheads), contains a few satifying clips of two guys dressed up like cell phone grabbing people's phones and stomping them to bits while screaming "Get off the phone! Get off the phone!" There is brief description of each "Grab," and while at first I thought a couple of these were a little random (one guy just had the cell phone in his back pocket, but he was leaning into his white BMW, so I guess he deserved it on general principle), not to mention it might be nice to lecture these jerk-offs about how it's bad enough we have to tolerate their vapid existences, but we sure don't want to have to hear half their inane conversations in public, but then I remembered, "Oh yeah, these self-righteous twits just won't get it." Cell phones are very helpful and I've had one for years. Helped me outta some real bad places (lost in Mission Hill, trying to find the Supercult Mansion, for instance), and it allows me to multi-task while warming up my car. But I do not gab in public places cuz I refuse to be "one of those people." I like hearing stories about people walking up to "those people," hanging up their phones, telling them to shut the hell up, and walking away. A little confrontation is a good thing. And while they may never learn, hey, ya gotta try...

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