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By Matthew Robinson

Like to get drunk and sing? There are hundreds of karaoke bars just waiting for your talents. Like to do the same thing, but with a guitar or drums instead of your voice? Now there is a place for you too! is taking karaoke to the next step with its patented V-Pick™ and V-Stix™ technology.

Just download the software (a basic package starts at $29.95, including the V-Pick™) and get ready to rock along with your favorite songs. For the more practiced musician, MusicPlayground allows the use of actual instruments, even alongside the virtual ones.

Among the "real" musicians who are already on board are Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and The Who mic-swinger Roger Daltrey.

"There's never been anything like MusicPlayground before," says Sixx. "It's the only true way for fans to get as close as possible to their favorite music and enjoy the same experience as the actual band members."

"The technology and the vision behind MusicPlayground will have a profound impact on the way musicians and consumers interact with their favorite music," said Daltrey. "MusicPlayground is a terrific new way for the industry to promote music, one that will be fun for music fans."

So forget the Scorpion Bowls and flat notes. MusicPlayground is the next wave of interactive music entertainment. And best of all, you can do it in the safety (and solitude) of your own home!

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