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Magnificent 7 | 1995 2002 | review | Boston | compilation | Lollipop

The Magnificent 7

1995 to 2002 (Lunch)
By K. Shea

Chock full of Boston indie goodness, Lunch Record's compilation disc The Magificent 7 provides a much-needed glimpse into this sweet corner of Boston's indie music scene. Maybe I'm just homesick, but this CD makes me proud to be from Boston (even living in Austin, the live music capital of the world). You can be-bop with your baby to the smooth and nostalgic Elvis Costello-esque Dave Aaronoff & the Details or take a cool, inspired all instrumental journey with Coronet Premiers. This compilation... it's a floor wax – it's a dessert topping – it's all things to all people! Deftly showing off the variety and depth of the Boston music scene, The Maginificent 7 is definitely worth owning. Of special note: "Memories are Just a DayAway" by Jed Parish, "Vinyl Road" by The Bathing Beauties, and "Eddie Cross" by The Shods. Other magnificent bands: Hybrasil, Helicopter Helicopter, Mona, Bleu, Orbit, Vic Firecracker, Maki, Rockets to Mars.
(PO Box 1063 Salem, MA 01970)  

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