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Raw Trax | 2 | 100 Proof Ass Kicking Rock and Roll | review | compilation | Lollipop

Raw Trax 02

100 Proof Ass-Kicking Rock and Roll (Outlaw)
by Craig Regala (proud owner of an American Dog beer cozy [Powell])

Jesus is this a joke? Hey there's American Dog! Yeah, it's a joke, and a jake one fer sure. This here's the deal when five different bands of trad. metal/rocker goofus rally for the future. Guys who didn't give up – in or out – but keep grindin' old school (Skoal). American Dog logs in with a great reddnekker in "Shitkicker," the kinda thing Jackyl woulda left off the record 'cause it would, like, alienate the guy at the record label who signed "Jimsy Eat Boyjuice" or someother unit. Their other two tracks are OK, but "Shitkicker" is the one to play for yer maw. Billy Butcher plays slide guitar like Ron Jeremy fucks: Long, hard, and kinda funny. One of his three sideways-namechecks a Rose Tattoo song, and sideways pulls the riff of "Sally Suicide Slide." It's a-ok for all the guys who work as roofers who have "Beer: The Problem and the Solution" tee Shirts. I'm still kinda scared of those guys, you just can't hurt'm, ya know? Randy Rampage covers a Dead Boys tune, and does OK (Dead Boys were THE link between punk rock ala The Sex Pistols/Saints and Kiss/Van Halen rocker shit. Their first rec, Young, Loud and Snotty, is so good, even some shitheel on NPR said it was "important"). The other two cuts are rocka-metal the way a 40-year-old Canadian with one of his balls on fire writes it. Two cuts from the ultimate drug-addled, redneck-fucking yahoo singer of all time, Eric "Can my wife sign for the... uh, prescription?" Moore. American Dog are his back up band, and their very reality was defined by the "Grand Funk Are Great!!!!" thesis. It ends, as all things do, with the guy who slang the six-string for Celtic-mutherfuckin'-Frost, Ron Marks, and his new band, Subsonic. What's he do? He rocks! Well, it sounds like a drum mo-sheen, but hey, at least his rent-a-riff metalistic reality is in the right place. Amen, aging yahoos: We bid ye fare-fuckin'-well! At least it's not the new Def Leppard record. Trust me, you wanna hear guitars tweaked the way that made stripper's boyfriends snort speed and fight in '79? Here ya go. Nashville Pooosay wishes.....

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