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If I Was Prince | review | compilation | Lollipop

If I Was Prince

By Lex Marburger

It's a buncha Brits covering Prince songs. Some are better than others, but the whole thing's a goof. I mean Op:l Bastards do an interesting strip down of "If I was Your Girlfriend," putting a bunch of video-game sound effects into the groove, and Hefner's trip-hop/r'n'b "Controversy," but on the whole, it's a funny disc that don't really go nowhere. Artists that were formally unknown to anyone but their closest friends before this album: 7 Hurtz aith Peaches and Bitch Lap Lap, Fort Lauderdale, Capitol K, Simian, Broadway Project with Jeb Loy Nichols, Blue States, Bronze Age Fox, and Misty Dixon.
(PO Box 23084, London WH 2YW)  

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