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by Tim Den

Lobster has come a long way. What started out as a pet project between Shawn Dewey (of Buck Wild and formerly of Lagwagon) and friend Steve Lubarsky, has found a voice of its own in the world of overly-sappy (sorry, but it's true) emo punk. At first an outlet for Buck Wild and a few confused outfits (Jargon and Joystick), Lobster started to hit the jackpot with Mock Orange (the only band on Lobster that's not an emo punk band) and Whippersnapper. Realizing that its niche could be "emo punks... who can play and write above grade-school level," Lobster soon honed in on the best, brightest, and most intelligent bunch out of the TRL-equivalent punk crowd. Yellowcard, new signees Park (or mini-Mock Orange, as I'd like to call them), and even Staring Back (who have come a long way since their debut EP; just check out the comp opener "X-Out") have shown the label more and more in tune with what it wants to put out. And sure, the genre that Lobster has chosen also includes such luminaries (ha ha) as Vagrant and Drive-Thru, but make no mistake: Lobster bands – any one of 'em – can clean Saves The Day's clocks. No pretentious wanna-bes here; only "we're punk, we're emo, we write songs and don't worry about fashion" (unlike the aforementioned labels, ahem). So look no further if you're into the stuff that wets 14 year-old girls' panties, cuz the best of 'em are all under one roof: Lobster Records.
(PO Box 1473 Santa Barbara, CA 93102)


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