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Fire on the Brain | vol 1 | review | metal | compilation | Lollipop

Fire on the Brain

Volume 1 (Olympic)
by Tim Den

Olympic Records just might be the marble in the oatmeal that is death metal labels (UHF reference, asshole). Sporting frighteningly unique visionaries like Gorguts and Diabolical Masquerade, as well as some of the finest of the traditional lot (Monstrosity, Macabre, Withered Earth, Divine Empire, Oppressor, Behemoth), it's a wonder kids can overlook this roster for shit like The Dillinger Escape Plan and other pseudo-metal bands. Infamous doom giants Solitude Aeturnus are even on Olympic, you idiots! Stop punishing yourself with worthless junk and get the good stuff right here! Even with the occasional throwaway act sneaking in once in a while (Jungle Rot, Fleshgrind, Angelcorpse, Diabolic), Olympic still offers more good than bad. Always brutal, more often groundbreaking than not, this is a roster more people should know about.
(1658 N. Milwaukee Ave. #245 Chicago, IL 60647)


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