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Garbage Pail | Fake Band Names | humor | column | Lollipop

Garbage Pail

Fake Band Names

by Scott Hefflon
illustrations by Jonathan Ian Mathers

Puppy's roasting on an open fire
Ally McVeal
Cake and Pie
Dash of Salt
Embalming Fluid on the Rocks
Fur Burger
The Good Eggs
Ham on Wry
Icing the Cake
Jelly Belly
Knee Deep in Kimchee
Leg of Lamb of God
Milk Gone Bad
Napalm Frosting
Olives and Pickles
Quiche Police
Royale with Cheese
Salty Balls
The Tatter Tots
Ultimate Cheese
Vampire Helper
Where Deer and
Weapons Meet
X Marks the Twat
Young, Tender Thighs
Zao Chow
Bacon Bitch


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