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I Am Vengeance

by Craig Regala

Doom fanatic R.R. Anasky has made a movie. It's a gore, slasher, psychosis, splatter, horror melange that'll surely tweak some joy buttons among you (the decreeing consumer). He hooked up with MeteorCity Records to put together some of his favorite current sounds, coupled with a thud-duh classic from Count Raven, "Scream." Mr. Anasky's favorite rec of all time is Witchfynder General's Friends Of Hell, a slab of honed gunk so out of time when released in 1983, but so intent on bumbling forward on its mission to abstract the thud-doom aspects of Sabbath from their early '70s blues rock/prog mix, it was a precursor rather than a throwback. All the tunes follow this style; never too spacey, noisy or industrial-minded. Calling all Trouble fans, you'll find some stuff here.

This soundtrack coheres wonderfully as a piece and works threefold; as a sampler of classicist doom-rooted metal, as a complement to the film, and as a listenable disc from horns to tail. It's a good one. Here're the bands: Lowrider (with a nice, droney Hawkwindish cut functioning well as an opener), Mr. Count

Raven's new band Doomsday Gouvernment (twice), Bloodfarmers, The Awesome Machine, Eternal Elysium, Space Probe Taurus, Naevus, Sheavy, Dan Fondelius, Bongwater666 (very nice low key seven-minute stroll through a "ballad" of sorts, it being "Cannibal Love Song"), Las Cruces, Rainmaker888, and The Quill.
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