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Boston Not London | New Electronic Music | review | compilation | Lollipop

Boston Not London

New Electronic Music From Boston Massachusetts, U.S.A., Planet Earth (CFOM)
by Lex Marburger

Sometimes, you just gotta take the bad with the shitty. Case in point: Boston Not London. First off, bad reference to the seminal punk album, This is Boston Not L.A. Second, get some soul. I know I'm supposed to be nice here, but most of this stuff is rehashed electronica-meets-industrial Autechre and Download knock-offs. And they can't even do that well. OK, look, I'll be constructive... You guys ever heard of a bass? Or realize what your left hand is for (see? I won't even sink to bad masturbation jokes, that's how helpful I am)? There are these frequencies, see, that go below 500Hz. They can actually go all the way to 31 before you start getting sick to your stomach. Ok, you get my point... Use them! Your cold, clinical machinations are actually rather boring. Damn straight it's Boston, Not London. Excuse me while I buy a plane ticket. In need of a cultural exchange program: Cychsy, Clink Feedback, Jitteronimous, Botch, Galapagos, Twerking, Articulatrix, Toys, Skwerkdry, Providence, Owr-Owr, Pocket, Line, Still So Beautiful. No, really. Those are the actual names of the bands.
(411A Highland Ave. #372 Somerville, MA 02144)

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