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TV Sucks

by Scott Hefflon

Much like the 35-track Show & Tell on the tiny Which? Records label, this novelty comp is all TV theme songs. But it's mostly German. But it's punkpop (really, punkpop doing a novelty comp? Whodda think?), it's fun and silly, and "Pipi Langstrumpf" is head-bobbing in any language. Wave your hands in the air to the theme from Magmum P.I. and throw devil signs to the theme from Fall Guy ("Ein Colt für alle Fälle"). American bands (whose tracks exist elsewhere) No Use for a Name ("Laverne & Shirley") and Big Wig ("Cheers") add to the almost half English-speaking tracks, and the rest, well, they're fun to listen to with friends and try to be the first to guess. Other couch potatoes: Konterbande, Skin of Tears, Die Frohlix, Ex-Maquina, Dontcares, Creep, Bluekilla, Curly Wurly, Swoons, Twopointeight, Das Skartell, Die Optimale Härte, The Heartbreakers, Ballermann 88, Bradleys, Benuts, Die Strafe, Blascore, Fluchtweg, The Butlers, Crisis What Crisis, Feverdream. (When's someone gonna cover the theme from Simon & Simon? And check out the medley/parody "Shitty Record Offer" on Bloodhound Gang's Use Your Fingers.)

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