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New York City Takeover | vol 1 | review | hardcore | compilation | Lollipop

New York City Takeover

Vol. One (Victory)
Vol. Two (Victory)
by Tim Den

These two live samplers/comps are really bad representations of what Victory has to offer. Recorded during the last CMJ showcase, heavy-hitters like Snapcase and Shelter were left off of this documentary... in favor of interchangeable metalcore (All Out War and Buried Alive, both of whom should really lay off the 'roid shots), juvenile skacore (River City Rebels), and tired cliches (Reach The Sky). The usually ignorant Skarhead actually distinguish themselves by playing old hip-hop/soul/James Brown in between songs, but it's not enough of a reason to buy two full albums (instead, you should be buying those old soul/James Brown records). Face it, the only thing worthwhile here is Greyarea (excellent Black Train Jack/Dag Nasty melodic hardcore), but you can just go and get their full-lengths. Skip these.
(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)

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