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Helalyn Flowers | White Me In | Black Me Out | review | electro | Lollipop

Helalyn Flowers

White Me In / Black Me Out (Alfa Matrix)
by Scott Hefflon

I've been a fan of this Italian duo for years, since they were unsigned, I believe. And with the glut of listenable bands in the electronic genre, success is all in the details. Helalyn Flowers combine a strong, beautiful female singer and a strong electro metal-tinged male rock beast, so it'd be hard to go wrong, yes? Well, no. It's easy to be a filler band, but when talent and personality sparkle through like this, and all the details are addressed, a band can really shine. The metal takes a backseat to the electro throb, and for once, I'm glad. No male growling or rapping ruining the tenderness, and Nøemi Aurøra's vocals have matured from ghostly beauty to powerhouse frontwoman. Comparisons to Evanescence's Amy Lee are expected, but bonus covers of the Stones' "Satisfaction" and Ramones' "Pet Semetary" are not. Talented, beautiful, and fearless.


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