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Freevil Burning
by Hansel Merchor

Bloody tits! You see the masterful artwork that graces Freevil's cleverly-titled Freevil Burning and you think, how can I go wrong? Either that, or you reason that with artwork like this, there are in fact so many ways to go wrong it's not even funny. But you're a metalhead and you don't care. So you pop this baby in, only to find out there isn't much blood pouring through its speakers. Sadly, there isn't any porn projecting to your wall, either. Instead, Freevil offer some capable, middle of the road thrashy death metal. It's a fun listen, to say the least, as Freevil drop some groove-laden and consistently upbeat riffs. Adding to the quirk, there are plenty of synthesizer and special effects peppered throughout, like the festive accordion-like sounds tailed in "Live the Lie." Freevil is a trio comprised by ex members of Witchery and Denata, and their fluent musicianship is in evidence here. Also in evidence is the band's penchant for vocals of all degrees, from the helium-high vocals reminiscing of 3 Inches of Blood's Cam Pipes to Cookie Monster infestation.

Freevil's death thrash attack is powerful. It pummels when it wants and it's got much potential. If only they wouldn't let their kookiness get the best of them, they could promise even more.


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