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Mors Principium Est | Liberation=Termination | review | metal | Lollipop

Mors Principium Est

Liberation=Termination (Listenable)
By Scott Hefflon

Be prepared to be handed yer ass when popping this bad boy into your CD player. Part thrash classic, part Swedish melodic death metal glory, this six-piece blends melodic, soaring guitar, virtuositic-yet-"team-player"-ish keyboards, and death roars and bellows to match the best of them. If you like Bleeding Through, well, Mors Principium Est take their asses to school. They have the breakdowns, the start/stops, and the melodic passages, but they don't barrel-scrape for the emo/clean-singing, and their soloing/fills are, well, they're outta most band's league. Clunky name or not, this band deserves the notice/promotion I hope Listenable Records can get them.


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