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Ruby Bullet | Nothing Left To Bleed On | review | rock | Lollipop

Ruby Bullet

Nothing Left To Bleed On (Victorious Pirate)
by Scott Hefflon

To compare Ruby Bullet to a proggier version of Goth poppers Evanescence is just too easy, so I have absolute faith that that's exactly what 90 percent of reviewers said of this NYC female/male duo's debut. It's true, sure, but there's a stream of psychosis running rampant here that, say, Rush and Dream Theater, or Evanescence and, uh, pick yer knock-off, simply can't touch. A sexy, bloody cover, top-notch-for-an-unsigned-band production, and a strong D.I.Y. ethic help knock this into the win category, despite their debut status, and a few of the "well, that didn't quite work, huh?" clunks veteran bands learn to avoid or drop from the recording.


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