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NHL | 2k9 | review | game | Lollipop


(2K Sports for Xbox 360)
By Mike Delano

2K's NHL series doesn't make any big innovative leaps forward this season, but it improves on its predecessors in all the right ways. The solid, simple gameplay feels a little more responsive and satisfying this year, even if it lacks something as refreshingly new as the skill stick control mechanic that EA has used to distinguish its own rival NHL titles as of late. The shinier presentation, which was in dire need of an upgrade after 2K8's bargain-bin feel, is immediately noticeable, from the sharper-looking arenas to the cleaner menus to the addition of the much loved 2K sports ticker (the player models and animations still need work, though). And the big advantage of having such a long-running series is that NHL 2K9 gets to build off of the groundwork laid in previous years, so there's a mountain of options. Seemingly every aspect of the game and player performance can be tweaked, stat fiends can get their fix in franchise mode, and new arcade-style modes like 3-on-3 Mini-Rink and the sweet serenity of Pond Hockey round out a value-packed package that's easy to recommend.


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