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The Mooney Suzuki | Live June 29th 2001 | review | rock | Lollipop

The Mooney Suzuki

Live June 29th, 2001 (MVD Audio)
By Craig Regala

Live warts 'n' all at thee NYC institution, CBGBs (RIP), garagists The Mooney Suzuki ride '60s into '70s rootage like their NYC forebearers The Fuzztones did. '60s-based in structure, and chomping at the proto hard rock '70s in execution. No surprise I thought the opening cut "In a Young Man's Eye" was from The MC5's great retro-move LP High Times (where do you think the magazine got their name from?).

This shit's pretty goddamn rock and roll. The recording is straight-up, with a well-rounded feel from the drums/bass, as all three CDs I've heard from this Live at CBGBs series are, cut with the stage banter as it was with tunes focused on the nervous teen energy that form has bequeathed us. Yeah, I'm kinda bummed "I Woke Up This Morning" in't the ace Ten Years After tune, but it's a fine rave up basher nonetheless. Live June 29 goes just fine with Little Steven's Garage show, The Fuzztones, DMZ, The Boys From Nowhere, The Sonics, Rhino Records' Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1995, The Oblivions, and that fucking amazing cover of Joy Division's "Interzone" by the Bassholes.


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