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GG Elvis | Back From The Dead | review | punk | Lollipop

GG Elvis and the TCP Band

Back From The Dead (Mental)
by Craig Regala

Here we have punk straight-up buzzsawed Elvis classics cut with riffs'n'choruses from classic punk grumble (California division, plus Les Pistloes). Not every time, but enough to show these guys have a couple layers of nostalgia/reverence and understand how the stuff fits together. No irony, this stuff is jammed up jelly-tight to Epitaph/Fat arena-punk standards. Trust me, you wanna see the DVD that comes with the disc. Hey, if you dig some funny, it might as well rock out, so here ya'r. Can't imagine they'd turn down doing a wedding (or divorce) if you need'm. Yeah, it's Dread Zeppelin for the punker set, but hey, your pop's had Social Distortion and Red Cross recs back in the day, so what the hey, eh? Members of NOFX, Aggression, Ill Repute, Dr. Know, and the Bad Samaritans are on board. Roll it out with The Vandals, old GG Allin, (Jabbers era), The (latter) Meatmen, The Offspring, Sha Na Na, and Not So Quiet on The Western Front.


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