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Sgt Sunshine | Black Hole | review | rock | Lollipop

Sgt. Sunshine

Black Hole (Elektrohasch)
By Hansel Merchor

Unlike most of the releases German label Elektrohasch puts out, this Swedish (by way of Cuba) trio heads the other way and turns a deaf ear to the low-tuning of Kyuss and to all that Sabbath worshipping. And it kind of makes sense. This is perhaps where the future of the sub-genre resides, maintaining the trippy vibes not via Iommi riff clonage, but via psychedelic rock that screams as much Captain Beefheart and Cream as it does, er, Kyuss. Where Sgt. Sunshine differs is the point where all their instrumentation collides. Black Hole is like the sound of the big bang: The clash causes debris to head off in all directions in the same manner that this threesome's interplay seems independent of each other. It's freeform stoner rock, if you will. Their songs groove, but it's more like anti groove. On occasion, their approximation to classic rock are a bit too easy. "Dreams of Wonder," for instance, screams Cream a little too loudly, and even at their most psychedelic and distorted, Sgt. Sunshine remain close by to the sound of another great rock band.


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