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Raw Radar War | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Raw Radar War

by Hansel Merchor

Boston-bred vocalist Jonah Jenkins cares very little about popularity, and with the passage of time, his musical endeavors only seem to be getting more extreme. That he can sing is not the question: He's proven that time and time again with Only Living Witness, Milligram, and now Raw Radar War. With Raw Radar War, Jenkins is straight-up going for the jugular. This is sludged-up, crusty hardcore of the purest grain. Packing 15 cuts in under 27 minutes, this is one massive slab of thick riffs which, despite their volume, amaze by how dynamically they move. Meanwhile, Jenkins goes through an unprocessed approach and utters violent and enraged lines such as "So knock me down, you push me to the ground, just give me pain and watch me suffer, watch me gasp" in the standout track "Crucify Me." I giggled like a pre-pubescent girl when he told me that he kept telling the guys of Only Living Witness that he wanted the band to sound more like Bolt Thrower. Now, I know he wasn't joking.


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