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The Blue Album (Smog Veil)
By Craig Regala

Live as a show in your mom's basement when she's "In Spain." One step up from boot recording, a rock and roll attack based in the classic Who, Stones, Pretty Things, '60s Anglo-attack shot through a snot-garage attack updated into the '70s that people didn't really get exposed too/deal with 'til the early '80s. This is 18 and a half minutes of stuff knocked out in ‘88 that helped fire up the club punk-ROCker nation back then and heaves a beer into the lap of any dumbo dull enough to be sitting down when its on the player. Drop the needle with the New Bomb Turks, Social Distortion, Dead Boys, TV Killers, Huns, Slaughter and the Dogs, The whole Killed By Death punk thing, Electric Frankenstein, Red Aunts, The Ramones, and, of course, The Meatmen.


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