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Quake | Wars Enemy Territory | review | game | Lollipop

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

(Activision for PC)
By Mike Delano

This is for the hardcore. As daunting to newcomers as it is satisfying to veterans of team objective-based online multiplayer first-person shooters, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is nonetheless a very polished and worthy entry into a crowded genre. Your take on the characters and setting of the Quake universe and the seemingly never-ending battle against the Strogg goes a long way toward determining how excited you'll get about the title, but the fundamentals (focused and rewarding objectives, easy-to-navigate menus, solid controls) are strong enough to engage any shooter fan. The graphics may not dazzle like some other recent FPS offerings, but when the battlefields are this big and well-designed and there's just so much content packed into the disc, you learn to love the substance over style real quick.


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