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Cinema of Obsession

Erotic Fixation and Love Gone Wrong in the Movies
by Dominique Mainon and James Ursini (Limelight Editions)
by Michael McCarthy

This book delves deep into the twisted core of movies like Mulholland Drive, Notes on a Scandal, and Fatal Attraction. Rather than merely describing or analyzing characters like Basic Instinct's Catherine Tramell, the authors delve deeply into plot, often revealing everything there is to know about the films they cover. Which would tend to take the fun out of seeing them if you haven't already. So this is a great book to read if you're already a self-professed expert on erotic cinema, but if you still haven't seen films like Wild At Heart and Vertigo, you might be wise to stay away from this book until you do. Or buy it and just read the entries about films you've already watched. It is a rather addictive read, quite fascinating in the way it seems to celebrate everything that can and does often go wrong when it comes to love and the movies.


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