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Puny Human | Universal Freak Out | review | rock | Lollipop

Puny Human

Universal Freak Out (Small Stone)
By Craig Regala

Whoa! Fuzzy wuzza -wuzza rocker! Good work, boys ! Liquid hard rockin' action heisting basic Ramones-level riffs from Deep Purplely early '70s stomp (read: As essentialist rocker '70s behavior). THIS means (rock nerd Google moment) these guys are working from unsung heroes Dust, who opened for Deep Purple and gave a member to the Ramones. Big, beefy riffs in the warm rockin' classic arena rock mode strained through both the Doc Martin '80s and motor cycle boot/Chuck Taylor '90s as well as the pan rocker Internet '00s so yer kid brother can Hot Topic stumble over'm as well as Down and Wolfmother and be a better lad for it. So what-the-fuck ?-Capitalism Rules, and where does it happen? At the goddamn mall! Where Hot Topic is! Any port in a storm, OK? Put Puny Human on that bill and see what happens.

Best tune: Can't say, but "The Bus Will Eventually Crash" will get yer aunt talkin' about the time she saw Soundgarden and Faith No More at the Newport In Col, Ahia. I was there too; I bought 'er a beer cuz she rocked. The Sir Lord Baltimore avant-retardo bass hoe-down on "Number of The Beauty" is the kinda thing that gets me outta the house after 30 years of gigs (First: The Outlaws, '77, Alfred, NY, most recent: '07, Year Long Disaster/Clutch, Columbus, Ahia), so if yer rockin' this winter, throw the mix CDR you'll make with Puny Human, Clutch, Fu Manchu, Dust, Aerosmith, Federale, Shame Club, Roadsaw, Dozer, Five Horse Johnson, Soundgarden, UFO, Monster Magnet, Tad, Union Carbide Productions, and Grand Funk in the deck: 80 quality minutes and Universal Freak Out stands with the best of 'em.


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