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Dynasty Warriors Gundam

(Namco Bandai for PS3)
By Mike Delano

Just because the Gundam name has seen its share of awful games doesn't mean fans of the anime mech series should jump for joy any time a Gundam game isn't a complete disaster. That's what Dynasty Warriors Gundam is: It's not a disaster at all, just lifelessly sufficient. It has the sharp look and high production values you'd expect from its big-name publisher, a ton of Gundam characters and storylines are on display, and the connection to the Dynasty Warriors series means huge, expansive battles, this time on land and in space. So why, then, is this game so boring? It's simple: The button-mashing hack 'n' slash gameplay is mind-numbing. A sleek presentation and high-profile license have gotten this title way more attention than it deserves. Strip those away, and the game is something out of the stone age. Sorry Gundam fans, the wait isn't over.


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