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The Beatles Press Reports | review | book | Lollipop

The Beatles Press Reports

by W. Fraser Sandercombe (Collector's Guide Publishing)
by Michael McCarthy

We've all seen footage of crazed audiences screaming along during some of The Beatles most famous television appearances. But for those of us who were too young to experience the thrill of The Ed Sullivan Show when it first aired, it's difficult to truly appreciate the magnitude of Beatlemania. At least not without spending a small fortune on memorabilia that can't help us remember what we'd never experienced in the first place. But this book can help. Now we can read the actual articles, interviews, and other press coverage The Beatles received in popular British media during the 1960s. The articles appear year-by-year, and you feel very much like you've gone back in time while you read them, as if you're experiencing the whole Beatles phenomenon first-hand, making this quite a remarkable book worthy of even the casual Beatles fan.


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