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Manga Mania Occult and Horror | review | book | Lollipop

Manga Mania Occult and Horror: How to Draw the Elegant and Seductive Characters of the Dark

by Christopher Hart (Watson- Guptill)
by Michael McCarthy

The title might sound long and self-indulgent, but those aren't words one is likely to use to describe this drawing instruction book. Hart's previous books covered specific techniques for Anime, Bishoujo and Shoujo, and Manga Chibi, among others, this book truly being geared toward the underbelly of the Manga world. Everything is covered, from vampires to evil children to human-animal hybrids and demon girls. There are especially helpful lessons on eyes, expressions, and hands. Perhaps most impressive is "from vampire to bat," showing a step-by-step metamorphosis. Hart makes most of it look easy. I wouldn't recommend this book for beginners, though. If you haven't already used a book like How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way, this book will likely have you stumbling all over your pencil. For seasoned artists only, and they will be pleasantly indulged.


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