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Officer Roseland | Blast Off For Kicksville | review | alternative | Lollipop

Officer Roseland

Blast-Off For Kicksville
by Scott Hefflon

From Philly, Officer Roseland is for any pop rock fan disgusted with the dreck on the radio (Nickleback and Plain White T's being opposite ends of the barf stick for me). OR get your fingers snapping, can stir ska and funk into the soup without tickling your gag reflex, and they'd be comfortable playing your wedding or your backyard kegger. They're solid and versatile players, are actually a little goofy and silly sometimes, your mom'll get up and sway on the dancefloor after a couple more glasses of wine, and college girls can shake their hip-hugged apple asses barefoot in the grass, given half the chance. I catch whiffs of Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, and perhaps a little Billy Joel uptown haughtiness, but Frank Zappa's ghost pops in to moon the crowd, and that always makes for a good time.


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