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Duke Fame | Too Proud To Practice | review | rock | Lollipop

Duke Fame

Too Proud To Practice
by Scott Hefflon

With all the whiney alt boy bands being called rock, it's nice to fine a band who knows Buzzcocks were really onto something. Sawing guitars, kinda punky but without the adherence to the handbook, more like "power pop," if that phrase can still be lobbed about. Imagine if Weezer hadn't been graced by the gods with such a seemingly effortless talent for penning gems, and that's power pop, kids. Duke Fame aren't cute or coy, they're actually kinda humble and everyman. Which is cool. Like if your neighbor's band was pretty good, unassuming, played with the garage door opened and they left a cooler open and let anyone stopping by to complain about the racket grab one and make a request. Now if only their girlfriends were hot and danced in the driveway in short shorts...


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