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A Plea For Mercy | Bleed The Hate | review | metal | Lollipop

A Plea For Mercy

Bleed The Hate
by Scott Hefflon

This young band from Arkansas plods and soars, a seeming oxymoron, but if you were to cross-breed Evanescence and Drain STH (take photos for me, huh?), you might have something similar to the female-fronted A Plea For Mercy. Destiny Baxter has a voice for late-night candle-staring, and Justin Walker and Greg Shelby wring out the tortured and roaring riffs, tuned down and poisonous. And like early Evanescence, the angelic vocals are occasionally (and unfortunately) countered by a cheesy male grunt, but in the three songs presented here, there's only about a total of two minutes of growl I could sure do without. A band to watch.


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