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No Use For A Name | All the Best Songs | review | punk | Lollipop

No Use For A Name

All the Best Songs (Fat Wreck)
by Tim Den

If you haven't been following No Use For A Name up to this point, chances are you're not gonna care about this best-of. Even the band state as much in the liner notes. About a decade ago, lines were drawn in the sand: You either stuck by '90s pop punk for good, grew out of it, or hopped on to the whole "third generation of emo" bandwagon. All the Best Songs is clearly only for the first category, but even then, it's not much more than a look back at one of '90s pop punk's sturdiest pillars. Sure, there are two unreleased songs here, but what you're really paying for is the trip down memory lane. I remember hearing The Daily Grind and thinking that it was horrible, kinda liking Leche con Carne, and finally being won over by Making Friends… ah, those were the days of yore.

So if you haven't already made a No Use For A Name playlist on your iPod, here's the band's version of it. You might already have all the songs, but hey, it doesn't hurt to reminisce all over again.


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