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Mondo Generator | Dead Planet | review | rock | Lollipop

Mondo Generator

Dead Planet (Suburban Noise)
By Martin Popoff

Wisely and freshly sidestepping the tried and true of stoner rock and the trendy of Queens Of The Stone Age (not so much trendy, just what worked for that band, and thus derivative), ex-Kyuss medicine chest Nick Oliveri goes for a bright and expensive-sounding recording with lots of highs and juiced electricity at the guitars (courtesy Nick Raskulinecz - Foo Fighters, Shadows Fall, Rush), crafted o'er an upbeat punk-charged collection of songs with shouty vocals to drive the point home that this is all a wake-up call. So yeah, it's pert and populous of riffs and switchbacks and new things coming next track. I suppose as it progresses it starts adding up vaguely alternative and smarmy like a Queens (or Masters of Reality) record, but again, there are guitars everywhere, and it's generally fast and outdoorsy, sorta like Mondo Generator at this year's Ozzfest.


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