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The Rosebuds | Night of the Furies | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Rosebuds

Night of the Furies (Merge)
By Tim Den

If Birds Make Good Neighbors struck you as a bit too passively pretty, then Night of the Furies will be the album to change your mind about The Rosebuds. The last time we checked in with the husband and wife duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, they were joyriding on the backs of well-worn indie pop formulas, content to let sunshine-y melodies and chiming guitars lead them down safe passages. Extremely enjoyable and safe passages, mind you, but nothing that will soundtrack life's greatest moments. Night of the Furies, it seems, has learned from its predecessor. The rich hooks and ringing guitars are still here, but accompanying them now are alterna-'80s-ish dance beats that not only bring out a whole new color in the songs, but recall the past greats such as OMD, The Cure, and Morrissey. The combination quenches the thirst for nostalgia while at the same time gives a much needed boost to the overall vibe of the band. Now, The Rosebuds are as pretty as they are energetic; as lovesick as they are decadent. Even a perpetual bumout like me can't help but want to close my eyes and sway upon a dark dance floor when I hear the likes of opener "My Punishment For Fighting" and "Get Up Get Out." And that's saying a lot.


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