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The Draft | review | rock | Lollipop

The Draft

by Tim Den

This digital-only EP follows up The Draft's debut, In a Million Pieces, with two demos from the full-length, and two (presumably) newbies, continuing the quartet's quest to become a much more rock ‘n' roll entity than a punk one. You know what to expect: Energetic, good-times power chords and shouted choruses that're super catchy, ear-friendly yet still manly and gritty. Opener "Stop Wasting My Time" could've replaced some of In a Million Pieces' weaker moments, while "Up All Night" has a raucous chorus that demands you swing your beer cup around. One complaint, though: Two out of the four songs here utilize the band's fondness for the 3/4 shuffle, which is good and all, but sometimes (mostly during the verses) it can come off as a bit hokey. I'd much rather have ‘em play waltzes (i.e. Hot Water Music's "Moonpies For Misfits") if they're gonna get 3/4 on our asses.

Regardless, if you're looking for more sweaty Floridian good times, here's a small something to tide you over until the next album.


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