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The Fest 3

(No Idea)
by Tim Den

The Fest, now entering its sixth year, should serve as the shining example by which all festivals should follow. One weekend every year, countless punk/indie/hardcore bands descend upon Gainesville, FL and turn the place into one giant party. Fuck CMJ, fuck SXSW, this is how it should be done. No pretension, no schmoozing, no corporate sponsorship/cross marketing, no ulterior motives except to celebrate the power of music and friendship. The Fest 3 chronicles 2004's line-up, which included Hot Water Music, Engine Down, Against Me!, Mates Of State, The Blood Brothers, The Mercury Program, and about 30 more. Every performance is sweaty and honest - no overdubbing or fancy camera work here - captured with great sound quality. Watching this not only made me want to get plastered and crowd surf, but actually a little homesick for my home state. Big kudos to No Idea and Tony W. for keeping punk rock's spirit alive!


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