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Oasis | Morning Glory A Classic Album Under Review | review | dvd | Lollipop


Morning Glory: A Classic Album Under Review (MVD)
by Craig Regala

Great for fans, great for pop culture students, great for gossip, great for accents. I dig stuff like this: A buncha people (all Brits) very familiar with the band, who generally like'm, talk about why they think Morning Glory is their best. I'm not arguing, it's the only one I've kept. For me, it's got emotionally affecting tunes in a genre I don't generally get worked up about. I do like much of Oasis roots and tunes they've lifted or referenced (which the interviewees talk about explicitly). You can find similar treatments now and again in print media, but hearing people talk it out hits deeper. If a few seconds of the band live, some radio 'n' TV snippets (including a bit of the meeting with Blur), some awards ceremony, and some smart and funny folks talking about the record (I'm sure it came out on wax somewhere) appeals to you, hop up and order one. And check the MVD site: They've got a huge selection of stuff ranging from The Pixies to Impaler, as you know, two of the greats.


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